by: Julie Sorensen, Director, GRS | Corteq

News Article:

CREW provides networking opportunities across the country: A number of CREW members representing 6 chapters recently attended a client summit hosted by one of CREW Network's sponsors, EDR. Dianne Crocker with EDR was instrumental in the programming, and highlighted a number of CREW women on the agenda including Kenne Shepherd (CREW NY), Diane Danielson (CREW Boston) (both in this photo) as well as Jessica Rossi (CREW Charlotte) .


Pictured here from left to right are Kenne Shepherd (CREW NY), Heather Ridgway (CREW Atlanta), Julie Sorensen (CREW Chicago), Elizabeth Krol (CREW Boston), Dianne Crocker (CREW Boston), Diane Danielson (CREW Boston) and Holly Neber (CREW East Bay).