Distinguished & Notable Advisory Board

A five member advisory board of nominated individuals that appreciate and live the CREW Chicago mission statement: To positively impact the commercial real estate industry by advancing the power and success of women. DNA represents the profile of members that CREW Chicago wants as part of our…well…DNA.

Advisory Board Information:

These individuals must have served on the CREW Executive Board in prior years. Their role is to Give feedback and direction the current CREW Chicago Board and Committees. They serve a two (2) year term that are not required to be consecutive years.

Current Advisory Board Members:

  • Amy Blumenthal, Gould & Ratner
  • Mary Fuller, Citrin Cooperman
  • Nicole Pecoulas, Barings
  • Cathy Stephenson, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Cindy Wozny-Carl, Vision3100 Consulting

Board Liaison:

  • Lisa Sweeney, National Underwriter, First American Title .

CREW Chicago Past DNA Boards: 

Collete English Dixon
Marilyn Lissner
Sue Matejcak
Nancy Roach
Cindy Wozny-Carl

Amy Blumenthal
Collete English Dixon
Mary Fuller
Marilyn Lissner
Nancy Roach