Nominating Committee

Committee Charge

The Nominating Committee is responsible for compiling the slate of President-Elect and new Board of Directors’ nominees for approval by the membership. The President will appoint a Chairperson for the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee consists of nine members, none of whom are standing for upcoming election. The Nominating Committee is composed of:

  • The current President of the Association (or the current President-Elect if the President is unable to serve),
  • One representative from each of the Association’s eight standing committees (CREW Network Liaison, Communications, Equity and Inclusion, Membership, Member Services, Programs, Scholarship and Sponsorship), and
  • One Past President of the Association (any one of whom must be a representative from the prior year’s Nominating Committee).

Each of the eight standing committees shall select its own representative and the current President of the Association shall select the Past President and confirm that there is a representative from the prior year’s Nominating Committee.All participants of the Nominating Committee must be a Full or Civic Member in good standing. For additional information, please review CREW Chicago Bylaws, Article V., Nominating Committee and Election of Board of Directors. [View By-Laws]

Serving on the Nominating Committee is an excellent way to increase your understanding of and involvement in CREW Chicago. Selecting the slate for the following year impacts the future of the chapter and is both a great responsibility and a rewarding experience.

Term of Service

The term of service runs from approximately July 15 through August 31. The time involved includes review of board candidate applications, participation in onekick off call and one virtual 2-hour meeting.

Determination of the Committee Members

Those expressing interest or recommended by other members will be considered by the Executive Committee. Potential committee members will be evaluated with a diverse, equitable, and inclusive lens considering race/ethnicity/nationality; sexual orientation/gender identity; religion; physical/mental ability; CRE industry experience and qualified field; and CREW Chicago and CREW Network service and participation.

Please direct questions regarding serving on the Nominating Committee to the Immediate Past-President of CREW Chicago.



Committee Members