CREW Chicago’s CREW Careers Program Committee is excited to be kicking off the 2019 program! 

January 14, 2019
CREW Chicago’s CREW Careers Program Committee is excited to be kicking off the 2019 program! 

Program dates will be the first four Tuesdays in March from 5:30 – 7:30 with Off the Street Club (OTSC). This year’s program will focus on educating the girls about student housing and college opportunities.  Stay tuned for announcements on locations for session one and four.  Sessions two and three will be at the Club.

About CREW Careers:
Every year CREW Chicago members take part in a non-profit event called CREW Careers. The CREW Careers program introduces teenage girls to careers in the CRE industry. For the past several years, we have teamed up with The Off the Street Club in the West Garfield Park neighborhood - they provide us with our "class" of approximately 25-30 girls, from 7th grade to high school seniors. Many of the girls repeat the program every year - it's a big favorite for them. We try to make the program as interactive and as relevant to the girls as possible while, at the same time, giving them an idea of several different real estate careers.

How can you help?
As part of the event, we try to provide the group of girls with t-shirts, we provide them with snacks and a small party for their efforts on the final day as well as try to provide them with goodie bags full of donated necessities or school supplies they might not have otherwise. We are looking for companies to help with donations (monetary or otherwise) to so we can help provide them these items. We are also looking for volunteers to help at each session - you need to be able to attend 3 out of the 4 sessions in order to volunteer.

    Cash donations  (will be used towards food & venue): Contact Aleisha Jaeger at  908-463-9271

•    Goodie bag donations of 30 items (i.e. company logo items such as pencils, pens, school supplies, fun accessories, notepads, water bottles, etc.): As we are presenting a ‘college’ themed event, we’d also welcome any alma mater ‘gear’ (hats, pencils, t-shirts) from your colleges as well.   For questions please contact Aleisha Jaeger at 908-463-9271  otherwise donations can be sent to  Cathy Tinker’s office by Friday 2/22.
Catherine E. Tinker, J.D. 
Columbian Model & Exhibit Works, Ltd. 
1528 W Adams- 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
312 243 2655 

•    Volunteer: Contact Linsey Netzer (630)487-5555 or Breanne Auxier (773)695-3526

The Off the Street Club is a non-profit organization separate from CREW Chicago, so your donations go to a good cause. For a little background about the Off the Street Club, check out their website. Your participation will help us create a wonderful experience or these young girls.

Donations must be received by Friday February 22nd, 2019

Thank you for your support of CREW Careers!