CREW Team Trivia Night

February 1, 2021
Written by: Marissa Bresnahan, Peoples Gas
Are you smarter than a Real Estate Professional? That was the theme to the CREW Trivia event held via Zoom last month. Over 40 people participated in the online event led by Ali Baig of Baig of Tricks.  After an introduction and explanation of how the trivia game worked, the game began. The questions fell into several categories including architecture, construction, property management, tax, financing and Chicago history. Players were able to test their knowledge and gained points for correct answers and the speed at which they responded. 

Once the winners were announced there was a discussion among all participants about which questions challenged them most. Those that left people guessing included the fact that pay toilets were first introduced by Walt Disney at his studio restaurant in 1935, and Chicago outlawed them in 1973. Another little-known fact was that the brownie was invented at the request of Bertha Palmer to have a new dessert to present at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. To be considered a real estate professional someone must spend 750 hours in real-property trade or business, but to win at this trivia game it was also helpful to know that the Chicago flag has four stars and two stripes but nothing that signifies the Chicago River. Attendees also learned that according to OSHA a person should wear steel-toe boots when working in an area where there is a danger of electrical hazards from static discharge or electric shock.  

To end the fun event, participants were divided into breakout rooms, which allowed small 3-5 person groups the opportunity to network and exchange information.