2021 Leadership & Professional Development series ‘The Inclusive Leader’

April 9, 2021
Written by: Katie Lambert, AIA, OKW Architects
On April 8, CREW Chicago enjoyed the first event of the 2021 Leadership & Professional Development series ‘The Inclusive Leader’. Entitled ‘Fostering a Culture of Inclusion’, the event featured information about how we unconsciously create barriers to inclusivity at work and home and the action steps to facilitate change. Will Campbell from JLL facilitated the event beautifully and provided attendees with new insight into their own biases. The 40+ attendees were each challenged to identify their own biases that potentially impact their work.
Small group breakout sessions allowed participants the chance to converse with groups of 6-8 fellow CREW members. This intimacy provided chance for honest assessments. Many participants discovered that the biases that created barriers with colleagues weren’t necessarily related to big categories such as race or gender. Rather, attendees acknowledged implicit biases toward specific accents/dialects, age, weight, etc.

The open and honest conversation that participants enjoyed provided a great spring-board to two future sessions designed around ‘The Inclusive Leader’ theme.