CREW Tank - September 22, 2021 Luncheon

September 27, 2021
Written by: Tammy Kelly, Managing Director & Head of Asset Management, Redwood Capital Group, LLC

CREW Tank - September 22, 2021 Luncheon

At the September luncheon, held at The Ivy Room, CREW Chicago invited three startup firms into the CREW Tank to pitch our “Sharks” on their respective companies.  CREW’s Sharks included Hope Alexander, VP of Business Development at BE&K Building Group, Jennifer Hoover, Managing Partner & COO of Highgate Capital Group, and Molly Meyer, Founder & CEO of Omni Ecosystems. Their jaws dropped after hearing pitches from each startup firm.  It was a frenzy of one amazing presentation after another!


Amplifying Property Solutions (APS) is a justice system- to- professional pathway for young people ages 20 to 26 designed to drive economic development and wealth creation in Chicago’s most resilient communities.  Amplify offers services, creates wealth and stabilizes communities!

CoeoSpace at its start, focused on co-working and move-in ready solutions but has grown much broader.  Now, the platform serves commercial real estate Landlord’s, brokers and occupiers in Office, Industrial and Retail. It offers the ability to showcase any spaces for lease or for sale.  

Freight to Plate is an urban agriculture service company that offers a small footprint, large yield sustainable produce source and unique food distribution programming to real estate and urban developers, municipalities and non-profits.  Featuring its value proposition to the Commercial Real Estate industry would help Freight to Plate to further gain access to and saturate the market! More information can be found here.

After a difficult decision, the Sharks awarded AMPLIFY PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LLC $500 towards its platform. We expect to see great things from each of these innovative firms!

A special thank you to the program organizers: Jeanne Peck, Principal of Darrow Peck Investments & Consulting and Joanna Acosta, Strategy & Transactions Senior Manager at EY.

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