Donate to the CREW Network Foundation

June 2, 2022

Donate to the CREW Network Foundation

You are active members of a powerful women-led organization in CRE with deep bench strength. Show off your commitment and together we can meet our goal to fund more Scholarships, Research, and Career Outreach by contributing to the CREW Network Foundation.

This year, to those who donate to Foundation by June 15th, in any amount, will receive a jazzy bracelet. (Special note to those early birds who have already donated for the 2022 year, you will also receive a bracelet!)

It couldn't be easier: click here and order one today by donating to the foundation in any amount.
Together, we will realize 3 great outcomes:
1. Our Network Foundation will be stronger with more funds for Research, Scholarships, and Career Outreach
2. CREW Chicago will showcase how fabulous we are by meeting the trifecta of our Network Chapter Challenge at Convention in Chicago!
3. You only have UNTIL JUNE 15TH to get a 2022 bracelet and elevate your look so act fast!