DEI Initiative

November 21, 2022

CREW Chicago is excited to announce an enhanced DEI initiative we will be kicking off in 2023. Together with the guidance and expertise from Damaris Patterson Price at Working River Leadership Consulting, we will be advancing a unique and thoughtful pathway to CREW Chicago's strategic DEI vision. We will be leveraging specially curated member training content, consisting of approximately 32 hours of training throughout the year, and a systemic member assessment. 

Expected outcomes will include developing internal change agents who are more competent and confident in the DEI space and a practical forward-looking approach with measurable goals established for our chapter. These initiatives will build upon the groundwork we have established and collaborate with the entire chapter. An initial working group is in formation and will be comprised of members from diverse experiences racially, generationally, regionally, and by professional discipline. 

This opportunity is an investment of your time in a year-long exclusive DEI training.  Benefits of becoming part of the initial working task force include:

•    Fast track you to support both CREW Chicago’s unique DEI needs and that of your organization. 
•    You will be an effective, influential change agent and DEI champion within CREW Chicago and your organization. 
•    A DEI leader with a deepened enterprise commitment to creating an inclusive culture for CREW Chicago and your organization.  
•    Networking opportunities to build business connections throughout the program.
•    Knowledge and content that increases business capabilities, leadership skills, and management tools.

CREW Chicago is supporting all fees associated with this unique DEI training and initiative.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the initial task force, please apply through the website by December 31, 2022. The application process is seamless and easy!

DEI Application